Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cecelia Condit, "Possibly In Michigan", 1983

Margarida Paiva, "Who Lives In My Head?", 2009

Juan delGado, "Don't Look Under the Bed", 2001

Click here for link to video

Jim Finn, "super-max", 2003

super-max (clip) from jimfinn on Vimeo.

Anthony Goicolea, "Kidnap", 2005

Kidnap - from the bad son on Vimeo.

Antonin de Bemels, "La Malediction du Bonhomme Daniel", 2010

LA MALEDICTION DU BONHOMME DANIEL from Bonhomme Daniel on Vimeo.

Bobby Abate, "Soothsayer", 2002

Soothsayer from Bobby Abate on Vimeo.

Paul Bush, "Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde", 2001

Paul Bush - Episodes from the Life of Dr Jekyll... by merzboy