Saturday, April 2, 2011

Eiko and Koma, Naked, 2010

As I was reading the New Yorker in the Arts section, I came across this interesting performance piece by two Japanese American artists based in New York. Their performance piece, Naked, was performed November (continuing through April 9th) at the Walker Art Museum in which both Eiko and Koma represented the human figure in it's most raw and vulnerable form in a bed feathers, sand and dirt. I thought this was an interesting piece to share since it touches on topics we have discussed such as global, performance, vital and even identity.
This New Yorker article about it is really intersting to read about the performance.
Here's Eiko and Koma's website explaining the piece in much more detail.

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  1. This one's quite dramatic...reminds me of the video artist who slowly rolled in piles of wet seaweed for her performance.