Friday, February 11, 2011

Anything for art?

I found this REALLY interesting article about this male artist from Iraq, Wafaa Bilal, who implanted a camera into the back of his skull for the sake of a year-long project that would take a picture every minute. The camera was causing an infection, so he had to get surgery. This article poses a very interesting question of how far is too far in the world of art? Apparently for Bilal, it looks like nothing will stop him from taking pictures.


  1. i love this artist! i wrote about him last year for a project about global artists! he's great :)

  2. Oh cool! Yeah, he sounds so interesting. Is your hot water on?

  3. Wow, to implant a camera behind your head for art's that's daring! I've never heard about Bilal, so thanks for presenting him and his work to us!