Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ibon Aranberri, Politica hidràulica, 2003-2007

Floating Garden, 2004-2007 (Right). In this installation, Aranberri uses broken San Pellegrino water bottles and concrete to make a statement reflecting his beliefs in how the natural world is having to literally force and "cut" (the broken bottles) through the power of industrialization. Aranberri focuses on how humans effect and change nature (Creamier, 24).
Politica hidràulica, 2003-2007 (Above right). Part of the Documentia 12 exhibition.
Cave (Above left).

Continuing this theme, in this exhibition Documentia 12, Aranberri continues to explore the relationship between the earth and the society and politics. As Creamier notes, Spanish Aranberri does this so his ethical standings are not blatant at these exhibitions rather, Aranberri raises significant and interesting conversation. I thought his involvement with looking at how we see the world through the contorted perception of our industrialized and measured eyes makes an interesting conversation to occur, especially in this day and age when environmental issues are such a hot topic. Also, he works with a lot of "land art" such as Cave (Ir.T º 513), 2003-2008 when he documented his trip through the Basque region in prehistoric caves. He has built a metal structure over the opening of the cave in which I took this to be a direct involvement with earth/land art—the industrial meeting the natural architecture of nature.

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