Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Robin Rhode, Promenade, 2008

Robin Rhode, Promenade, 2008. Video stills.

For my Modern and Contemporary art class, we are paging through Creamier's top artists of the contemporary today. Many are new media artists and Robin Rhode is such an artist. He creates his art in urban, public spaces usually using "simple materials" to create shapes while involving himself in the artwork. From South Africa, he states in Creamier that a lot of his inspiration comes from his native land. Currently, he lives in Berlin, Germany and has a history of connecting the world of art with urban, public space to share his messages about the commonalities of the world. The location aspect I found appealing in this artist was the fact that Rhode blends the world of art with the world of the local in a way that makes sense to both—the art is the locator and the artist is the locative.

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