Monday, March 21, 2011

Anya Belkina, Insurgency of Ambition, 2009

Insurgency of Ambition from Anya Belkina on Vimeo.

As the Aspect video describes, Belkina is a female video artist from Russia. Having had much education herself, her career has led her into teaching the arts at Duke University and Emerson College; therefore, establishing herself in the hierarchies of the educational art world. She began as a painter and then recently has moved into the realms of new media creating digital shorts and animations that have been presented at numerous festivals, museums and international festivals. In this animation, Insurgency of Ambition (2009), Belkina draws inspiration from the allegory in the Greek mythology of Athena being born from Zeus' head—wisdom and war at "war" with each other. The quest for the "triumphal arch" in man is literally described in the journey in the animation. The man is naked, searching for wisdom and power, when that reality is taken away by the truth of what power does to man. This animation was created shortly after the succession in Iraq during the Middle East war. I found this animation interesting in that Belkina draws on the mythology of the past in order to speak truth about what is happening in our world today.

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