Tuesday, March 8, 2011


quoted from R & Sie website:

R&Sie(n) is an architectural office sey up in 1989 and lead by François Roche (1961, France), Stéphanie Lavaux (1966, France) and Jean Navarro (1971, France) is based in Paris. The organic, oppositional architectural projects of their practice is concerned with the bond between building, context and human relations. Roche explains his concept of ‘’spoiled climate’’ chameleon architecture, which links and hybrids the human body to the body of architecture by a re-scenarization on the rules of all the natures of each situations. They use speculations and fictions as process to dis-alienate the post-capitalism subjectivities, in the pursuit of Toni Negri. R&Sie(n) consider architectural identity as an unstable concept, defined through temporary forms in which the vegetal and biological become a dynamic element. R&Sie(n) are currently undertaking a critical experiment with new warping technologies to prompt architectural “scenarios” of cartographic distortion, substitution, and genetic territorial mutations.

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