Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fire in My Belly

David Wojnarowicz FIRE IN MY BELLY is a four minute video that was recently removed from an exhibition at the Smithsonian because the image of Jesus on a sugar crucifix covered with ants was offensive to some groups. Wojnarowicz created this video in the 1990s and later died of AIDS. The image of Christ suffering on the cross the slow death of crucifixion and tormented even further by ants is seen by some art critics as a poignant parallel to the artist's own slow and painful death. Others suggest that a specific type of ant is the carpenter ant and that the ants make a reference to Jesus' trade as a carpenter. Roman Catholics saw the image as offensive and presured the Smithsonian to remove the video from the exhibition prompting Gay visitors to boycott all Smithsonian museums. The YouTube video is available for your viewing, but you must register to view it. I leave the decision to view the video to you and decide on your own about its content and meaning.

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  1. Now I see that Marie has already posted this - so I look forward to discussion in class.