Thursday, March 3, 2011

Andy Warhol, Hannah Wilke

Andy Warhol "Outer and Inner Space" 1965

One of the first video artists, Andy Warhol cleverly used split-screens in this piece to create the illusion that actress Edie Sedgwick is speaking to multiple images of herself. One source states, "As its title suggests, Outer and Inner Space visualizes a fragmented attention, a schizoid disjunction between public and private selves." As humans, we constantly evaluate our persona, and this video demonstrates the "two-sided" nature of this process.

Hannah Wilke, "Gestures" 1974

I found Gestures by Wilke in our New Media Art book with stills of the artist distorting her face with her hands. As the text explains, "She attempts to erase her face in protest to commercialization and abuse of the female body in the media." Like Doll Face by Andy Huang, Gestures shows the direct effect of media on persona.

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