Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tim Hawkinson, In Drip, 2002

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Tim Hawkinson is an American artist known mainly for his amazing sculptures. His work revolves around the creation of different machine-like installations from everyday, simple tools and materials. For this installation, Hawkinson uses motion detectors trigger the dripping of rain water to come through the spider like web hanging from the ceiling into steel buckets. In order to create this machine-like sound maker, he used plastic sheets by twisting them with a drill to obtain biomorphic twists and turns. The rain water is what drives the piece and therefore points to Hawkinson's interest in looking at sound in nature as his other well-known installations use natural sound through a machine. In Drip gives a rhythmic beat to the sounds of nature at the timing of nature, as we cannot tell when it will rain or not. Hawkinson controls the "natural" world in an interesting and inventive way.

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